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We as Evo Aqua have the largest range in the field of rainwater harvesting, rainwater pumps, rainwater filters.
rainwater harvesting, rainwater pumps, pumps, rainwater filter
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Use rainwater – save drinking water
protect resources

In Germany, each person consumes round about 130 liters of drinking water daily. The water for the toilet and washing machine can thereby be replaced by rainwater, as well as for watering the garden.

Nowadays, a rainwater system consists of two components:
The cistern (concrete, fiberglass or plastic), with filter technology and a pump system: submersible pump or a suction/pressure pump (domestic water supply).

An important element of a rainwater system is the filter and the required components: calmed inlet, overflow siphon and the suction pipe intake. All these components are important to reach the best water quality of your rainwater.

Water savings
Around 50 liters per person per day and approximately 18,000
liters per person per year using a rainwater harvesting system
for toilet, washing machine and irrigation!

Funktionsprinzip Regenwasseranlage - Regenwasser nutzen

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